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Weight Discs - 1 Pound Penis Hanging Weights (5 Pack)

Zen Hanger

$ 59.00

Extra Weight Discs for Your Penis Hanger

Zen Hanger individual weights are available in 1 pound and half pound sizes. We offer these weights for customers that are looking to upgrade the amount of weight for there existing Zen Hanger penis weight hanging system or for customers that already have a hanger they like to use and are looking for weights to use with their current hanger.

1 Pound Increments

If you're building your own custom weight stack or upgrading to more weight than your original Zen Hanger system can hold, we also offer different size eye bolts in our store to hang your weights on.  The 1 pound weights are available in 5 packs and the 1/2 pound weight is sold individually (you only need one half pound weight for 1/2 pound adjustments). With these weights you are able to make weight adjustment one pound at a time and half a pound at a time if you purchase a half pound weight also.
Our systems are built to grow with your needs. Having the ability to raise your hanging weight by small amounts as you make progress plays a key role in success. When you're ready to add more weight to your routine you can purchase additional weight as needed.

Penis Weight Hanging

Penis weight hanging is a proven technique to add length and base girth to your penis. Lightweight hanging for just 10 to 20 minutes per day has been proven to have outstanding results over time. Hanging is a long-term commitment and this is a high quality long term investment that you only have to buy once and will have for a lifetime. Our penis hanging weights are the best and highest quality product on the market providing you with the heavy weight you need in a convenient compact and adjustable package.
If you are looking for complete penis hanging system you can find these same weights in our store as a complete system that includes silicone sleeves and a noose hanger. We also have weight stacks that include the eye bolts in our store. You can purchase as many individual weights as you need. Just select the weight and the quantity you need. Keep in mind the 1 pound weights are sold in 5 packs and the 1/2 pounds are sold individually. 
* Printing on weights is for promotional / advertising purposes. The weights you receive may not have the writing / graphics. Green Weights = 1 pound, White weight = 1/2 pound. 

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