Does Penis Stretching Really Work?

John Hanger

Hey guys, how many spam email invitations have you received today that invite you to try out miracle penis enlarging products?

It’s OK to admit that you’ve been tempted by the promises and claims that these sources indiscriminately make. You wouldn’t be male if the idea of increasing the size of your manhood hadn’t crossed your mind at some point in time. Thinking and doing something about it are two entirely different things though.

If curiosity has got the better of you, you’ve probably already been persuaded to hand over your cash for a stash of pills or topical ointments that state they can maximize your penis size and deliver upstanding results with little effort involved. Although you’re not going to like this, sadly this type of unsolicited information is misleading and untrue.

So, is there actually anything that you can do to enhance the overall size of your trouser snake? Or is penis enlargement just a phallus-cy (no pun intended!)?

Well, read on to discover the good news that you’ve been waiting for…

Penis Stretching Put To The Test

penis stretching put to the test

There are numerous nonsurgical penis enlargement methods that are tried and tested, and also quite a few techniques that are best avoided altogether, especially if you’re a beginner penis extender.

Urological researchers in the Italian University of Turin have closely examined the outcomes of what happens when you apply nonsurgical techniques to boost the size of your wang.

To more accurately compare research findings, the study involved surgical procedures being performed on half of the male ‘test’ subjects. The remaining half of the participants used nonsurgical penis enhancement techniques.

As with any procedure that requires you to go under the knife, the surgical treatments involved the potential of dangerous complications.

The nonsurgical ‘traction’ method however, provided promising, complication-free results. Adjustable penis hanging weights were used to gradually stretch the member. The study participants using a weight hanging system penis extender for 4-6 hours on a daily basis, over a period of 4-6 months, reported an average flaccid penis growth of 0.7 – 0.9 inches (1.8 – 2.2 cm). When erect, measurements of 0.67 inches (1.7 cm) were recorded.

Men with erectile dysfunction problems participating in the research program were tested while using penoscrotal rings. Commonly known as penis, cock or love rings, the tension device snugly fits around the scrotum and base of the penis, to pump up the erection and to help maintain it.

A 6-month regimen of vacuum pumping the penis every day was also put to the test.

The reviewed research data suggests that penis stretching using the hanging weights method is more likely to achieve the noticeable growth that you hope for. If you’re keen to test this out for yourself, check out our extensive range of adjustable penis hanging weights, extenders, stretchers, clamps and pumps.

Video Guide to Penis Weight Hanging



Why Do Guys Want A Bigger Penis?

 Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis

While the vast majority of guys are happy enough with their penile dimensions, there are a growing number of men who feel dissatisfied with their package. Around 45 percent of men would prefer their penis to be, well… bigger.

So, what’s at the root of this penis envy?

It seems that the primary, well-documented source of female inadequacy is also affecting men. Watching porn can make guys unrealistically compare penis length and girth with the stud that is paid for having sex in front of the camera. Avid porno watching can result in male insecurity and incorrectly believing that your penis is simply too small.

But what if your penis IS smaller than average?

Most guys who think their penis is too small are actually average sized. Some men however, do have a penis that is clinically defined as ‘short penis’. If your penis measures up smaller than 1.6 inches (4 cm) when flaccid and less than 3 inches (7.6 cm) when erect, you instantly qualify as having short penis syndrome. Men with this condition are fewer in number than most people may think.

Penis Stretching For Beginners

penis stretching for beginners

Aside from the ancient Arabic technique of jelqing, which involves massaging your penis in stretching motions to improve the flow of blood and to enhance the size of your erection, there are alternative penis stretching options that you can safely, and comfortably, try at home. Check out the Essential Penis Stretching Tool Kit below…

Although you may want to add a few extra inches down there, when it comes to sex most women will admit to appreciating a fuller girth. Complementing your penis stretching regime with regular pumping practice can help to achieve awesome results that also satisfy her.

To acquire the biggest, longest and thickest penis of your dreams, gradual incremental increases need to be accepted and expected. You’re never going to attain a massive increase overnight. The average 0.67 inches represents an actual increase of almost 12 percent in penile size gain! That’s practically the same as thinking that you’re only 5’7” in height, and discovering that you’re really 6’3” when you look in the mirror!

Your Essential Penis Stretching Tool Kit

Now that you’re convinced that stretching your dick is for you, it’s time to look at the variety of penis enlargement products that you can use…

Penis Hanging Weights

Attaching hanging weights to your flaccid penis can gradually make it stretch. Don’t however expect overnight success. Start by using low hanging weights and gradually up the weight that suspends from your penis. The more weight bearing practice that your penis gets, the more stamina and strength it’ll gain. Increased mass is achieved through the build up of micro-tears in the penis’s erectile tissue.

Penis Stretchers

All day stretching with a penis stretcher and extender can help you achieve impressive lengthening results over time. The penis stretcher device features an adjustable leg strap, ultra comfortable silicone sleeves and an easy to use noose. The stretcher is designed for long-term use and can be worn under clothing.

Penis Pumps

It’s all well and good adding on a couple of inches to the length of your penis, but don’t forget to pay just as much attention to its girth. Balance things out with regular penis pumping sessions that deliver girth growth. Premium automatic penis pumps are safe and super easy to use every day. Simply slip inside the transparent tube and pump it up. On reaching your desired peak, release the pressure. Blood flow will instantly increase causing the penis to swell and grow.

ADS – All Day Penis Stretcher & Extender

Once you’ve got the hang of things (no pun intended) you can progress to using ADS. The ADS system can be used alone or as a supplemental device to penis weights or a penis hanging system.

If you’re new to penis stretching, check out our extensive range of adjustable penis hanging weights, extenders, stretchers, penis pumps and clamps. If you’re already a penis stretching devotee consider making an investment in the health and wellbeing of your penis.